Dirty Jobs Complete Laundry Booster and Stain Remover

Dirty Jobs Stain Remover

I’ve mentioned before that we do a lot of laundry at our house, but what you haven’t seen is the number of grass stains from soccer practice, dirt stains from baseball games, and other crazy laundry problems we deal with. You’d think by looking at our kids sometimes that we’re sending them out in dirty clothes, but the truth is that it’s really hard to get stains out of kids’ clothes. Even mine and my wife’s clothes get food and wine stains on them. Detergent isn’t enough, and products like Oxyclean help but don’t completely fix the problem.

Dirty Jobs does, though. I’m not talking about the tv show, of course, but about the laundry booster named after the show. You’ve seen the infomercials – there are two, one by Mike Rowe, the host of the Dirty Jobs TV program, and the other by Niecy Nash, host of Clean House, another program full of dirt!

Dirty Jobs Complete with Niecy Nash Infomercial

Neither Jake or I have been able to find the Mike Rowe version of the commercial on YouTube, so drop us a note if you come across it. In the meantime here’s the version with Niecy Nash. She’s entertaining plus you get to see how well the laundry booster Dirty Jobs works.

About Dirty Jobs Complete

Dirty Jobs Complete is not a laundry detergent, but it’s a heavy-duty stain remover that’s a booster. You put it into your machine along with your regular laundry detergent and all the dirty, greasy, sweaty, stained clothes you can find. Run the cycle through like normal – but preferably using the hot or warm setting. (Dirty Jobs Complete works in cold water, but it’s best in warm or hot water.) Rinse, repeat!

The power comes from the oxygen stain fighters in the power crystals. They are the same chemical as one of the elements in popular grocery-store brands like Oxyclean, but they have more. That chemical is called sodium percarbonate, and Dirty Jobs Complete has it, but it also has five different enzymes that dissolve and remove different types of stains:

  • Lipase Enzyme removes fats like oil and grease
  • Protease Enzyme removes animal and plant stains, like blood and grass
  • Amylase Enzyme removes starches, or mostly food stains
  • Mannanase Enzyme removes carbohydrates like ketchup and chocolate
  • Cellulase Enzyme provides general softness and brightness to clothing

Dirty Jobs Complete 52oz Container

It’s this unique combination of all of these ingredients that makes Dirty Jobs Complete so effective. And yet, it’s safe for your clothes, your home, and your family. It won’t harm septic tanks. It works in high efficiency (HE) washers. You can use it in front-loader washers, though they recommend mixing it with water first. And it doesn’t contain chlorine bleach, so it won’t fade your clothes. It’s safe for colors, won’t dye your clothes, and doesn’t contain any fragrances.

The best part is that you don’t have to presoak your clothes…ever! Oh yeah, it also gets the bottom of socks clean. Yeah, those socks. The ones that look like your kids ran through the mud without their shoes on. Which they probably did.

Niecy Nash and Dirty Jobs

Other Uses for Dirty Jobs Complete

Although it’s mainly designed to get your clothes extra clean, Dirty Jobs Complete has other uses too. It works on carpet and upholstery to remove stains the same was as from your clothes, including food and drink spills, tracked-in dirt and mud, and so on. You just mix it with water and then clean the spot with a clean rag or sponge. The same combination can cut through grease on tile and other smooth flooring. You can also mix it into a thicker paste to clean grout between your tiles. It’s also good for outdoor surfaces.

The Dirty Jobs Complete Offer

This internet-based offer includes the following:

  • 52oz container with an easy-pour spout
  • A free 52oz refill (you don’t even pay extra handling!)
  • A super shammy cloth
  • A spray bottle
  • 3 sponges – an absorbant sponge, a scrubber sponge, and a gritty sponge
  • The cost for Dirty Jobs complete is just $19.95 plus shipping and handling. Click below to place your order and get your clothes and your family looking clean again!

Get Your Dirty Jobs Today!


    • Joanne Kurtz says

      You an me to even in cold water cleaned up things that nothing else cleaned tried about everything to clean things and nothing worked til I hit Dirty Jobs ..Highly recommend this

  1. Susan says

    Please tell me where I can purchase Dirty Jobs color safe Laundry spot and stain remover.
    Can’t find it at Walmart any longer. Can I buy it direct from company.
    Thank you,Susan

    • Jake says

      Susan, if you click the “buy now” button above, it takes you to Amazon. Scroll down (past the “Dirty Jobs” DVDs, and you’ll find the laundry booster.

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