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Eggs are one of nature’s power foods. Assuming you don’t add extra fat (say, by scrambling eggs in butter), they provide a great source of protein to help your body build and maintain muscle. Portable hard-boiled eggs are even better because you can take them to work…but hard-boiled eggs are WORK to make. That’s why Eggies can make your egg-eating habits a breeze. Instead of boiling eggs inside the shell, with Eggies you crack the eggs, pour them into one of the Eggies containers, and boil the egg inside the container. It has a non-stick surface inside so the cooked egg slides right out.

While researching Eggies, I got a kick out of this featured article on that made fun of the clumsiness of the person on the infomercial trying to peel hard-boiled eggs. She probably has a good point – but then, she hasn’t met me. Hard-boiled isn’t my style (I scramble without any extra fat or oil) so the few times I have to peel hard-boiled eggs, you can quickly see just how bad at it I am! And I always have to clean up the mess I make behind myself. (Let’s not talk about burning the eggs when the water evaporates either…)

Eggies Benefits

  • Allows you to hard-boil eggs by cracking them first, without cooking the shell
  • Non-stick inner surface allows eggs to be easily removed
  • Container gives cooked eggs a flat bottom so you can more easily garnish and “style” them for food displays
  • Eggies also come with a slicer so you can quickly slice the hard-boiled eggs for dishes such as egg salad
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Eggies are dishwasher safe

Watch the Eggies Informercial

If you haven’t seen the commercial on TV, you can watch it here courtesy of YouTube, so you can get a better idea of how you use Eggies to hard-boil eggs without the shell, slice, and garnish the eggs.

If you like to serve garnished hardboiled eggs at parties, Eggies will save you a ton of time. Peeling one egg may be no big deal, but peeling and garnishing a lot of them for a houseful of guests can take forever. And it’s embarrassing if you miss a piece of shell and someone bites down on it! Plus you get little pieces of eggshell all over your sink, counters, and under your fingernails. When you buy Eggies online, you get twelve Eggies for cooking and two slicers. So you can gets tons of work done in just a little bit of time.

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