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Got me a hole in my roof! OK so it’s been there for over a year – it’s a small hole and I crawled back into the attic and put a big bucket under it, which is working for now. But hiring a roofer is expensive and frankly, I’d rather have a pool or new carpet. So when I saw this on TV I was pretty excited. I’ve actually got this one on order, but after reading some information online I decided to go ahead and post it.

I don’t intend to try this on my roof first. Although it’s basically a rubber sealant in a spray can, which seems pretty innocuous, I have a better use – the spot on the ground outside my bathroom wall where ants keep coming into the house. Since Flex Seal spray can be painted (it only comes in black), I should be able to apply some house paint right over it. If not, I’ll just plant a holly bush or something to cover it up.

I might even try some funky waterproofing tests like the one on the infomercial, where they cut a hole in the bottom of a boat, replace it with a screen door, and seal the screen with Flex Seal. (Wonder how many spray cans that took?) Here’s the video in case you haven’t seen it:

Flex Seal Features

  • Rubber sealant in a spray can
  • Liquid rubber seeps into cracks and holes to provide a waterproof seal
  • Once it’s dry, the rubber is flexible
  • Can be painted once dry
  • Normal condition heat and cold resistant
  • Can be used to mend household items
  • Great for roofs and gutters

Flex Seal Questions and Answers

What kind of coverage do you get from a can of Flex Seal?

A single can of Flex Seal will cover 2-8 square feet, depending on the number of coats you use and how thickly you apply it.

Can Flex Seal spray withstand heat?

Flex Seal withstands normal heat conditions including most home roofs. It’s not designed for extreme temperatures outside of normal conditions, though. The same goes for extreme cold temps.

How long does it take Flex Seal spray to dry?

A minimum of 2 hours, and as long as 24 hours. The drying time depends on the temperature and humidity when applied, and how thick of a coat is sprayed.

Flex Seal Before and After

More Flex Seal Info

Flex Seal has about a bajillion uses. It’s advertised for things like stopping roof and gutter leaks. It can be uses to stop leaks on corroded metal or PVC pipes. You can use it to seal around drafty windows. Personally, I’m wondering if it will work on bike tires, at least as well as a patch does. (I wouldn’t risk it on my car tires though!) If you don’t want to spray Flex Seal onto the surface, you can instead spray it directly into a container (like a cup or bowl) and paint it onto the surface to be sealed with an old paintbrush. The only two places it’s NOT recommended for use are inside any container used to store drinking water, or on/inside any container used to store or transport gasoline.

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    • Jake says

      Clint, I think that’s a great idea. AFAIK though it doesn’t come in white. Maybe you could look for something similar at Home Depot or Lowes?

    • Karen says

      YES!!! It does come in white and clear!! I’m not sure if it does where your located, but here in Canada, it comes in black, white, and clear! See if you can get it shipped to your country, i’m sure they will! If not, and if you have a friend that lives in Canada, pay them to buy it and send it to you! Hope this helps!! :)

  1. Frank Herrera says

    I have a fish pond with a rubber liner. Would this product work ? would I have to clean the liner with any thing special, like some type of cleaning solution

    • Jake says

      Frank, I’m not sure if it would work or not. It certainly sounds like it from the description. However, it might be best to call the company and ask. Their phone number is 1-800-307-6201. I’ll cross my fingers for you.

    • Frank Hutchison says

      Extremely heavy fumes. I used it in my bathroom to seal the u bend under the sink. Even with the windows open took two hours for the fumes to die down. Still waiting for it to dry 13 hours later praying it works.

  2. Richard says

    My questions to start off with are:

    Is there an additive that can make
    this material “Fast Drying”?

    Can it be colored to any color?

    Is material EPA approved?

    • Jake says

      Richard, I don’t have all of the information you ask – I’m not sure about the additive. The material, once dry, can be painted – but I don’t think you can tint it before applying it, just paint it after. And there’s no mention of EPA approval but I did find this:

      “Flex Seal exceeds EPA standards for coatings. EPA regulations call for no more than 250 g/l VOCs, and suggests a voluntary standard not to exceed 50 g/l for interior coatings. A certified independent lab testing Flex Seal reported a VOC of 26.84 g/l, close to one-half of the EPA’s voluntary limit.”

  3. GreggT says

    I’ve been told that FSB20 is an Off White…..whereas FSR20 is a Brite White.
    Is this correct?…….or are they exactly one in the same?

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Mike M. says

    As far as the EPA question I do believe you are not accurate. I found that same info but it was referring to a totally different product, also called Flex Seal but is not this stuff. Number 1 indicator is that website says Flex Seal is not flammable and I have used the canned Flex Seal and it is WAY flammable. you will be hard pressed to find something that has as strong an odor. on the other hand, it does seem as though it is working so there is that. If you use it indoors (even just a little bit) you simply HAVE to wear a NIOSH mask and be ready to ventilate hardcore.

  5. judy says

    It’s a crappy waste of money–it does not work and it is messy and leaks all over your fingers when spraying–this stuff is worthless

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