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If you have hair like me, this infomercial has probably caught your eye. It dries and defrizzes curly or wavy hair and leaves you with a sleek, professional finish. The InStyler is part flat-iron, part curling-iron, and part-hair brush. It’s a versatile tool, though, and not just for crazy-haired girls like me. Even women with hair that’s at the other end of the spectrum – limp and straight – will get a beautiful boost from the Instyler.

At the core of the InStyler is the rotating, heated cylinder. It’s similar to the barrel of a large curling iron, but it rotates while you use it, polishing your hair. There are brush bristles on both sides. The set before the barrel separates the strands so the barrel works better, and the set after the barrel combs through to leave your hair with a smooth finish, full of body but without any frizz.

Instyler Video

The video below shows how Instyler user Emerald gets her locks transformed from shoulder-length waves to a smooth, polished and sexy style.

InStyler Benefits

  • Works on almost any kind of hair
  • Uses less heat than many other tools, so it is less damaging to your hair
  • Polishes each strand of hair individually
  • Adds shine, lift, and bounce

The InStyler was invented by two professional hair stylists with over 40 years of experience EACH. They collaborated with a team of engineers to bring their ideas to life in the form of the InStyler hair styling tool.

Instyler Reviews

The Instyler has been reviewed and featured throughout the media. We’ve seen it in O – Oprah magazine, Redbook, US, Ebony, Essence, Family Circle, Glamour, InStyle, Lucky, Redbook, and Seventeen, along with trade magazines. Websites that have featured the Instyler include The Daily Obsession, LA-Story, and

Instyler Facts

  • 1 1/4 inch barrel
  • Heat-resistent nylon bristles
  • 120 Volts, 60 Hertz, 135 Watts

If you’re clumsy, don’t be scared to try this tool. It comes with something called the Thermal Shield Styling Aid, which helps to protect you from the hot parts of the tool.

Here’s the trick though – you do need to practice to get good with the Instyler. Just like when you first used a curling iron or flat iron, you had to learn the “tricks of the trade” before your hair came out looking good, right? Same thing here. The Instyler is much different from other tools, despite the similarity in certain features. When you start out, get the basics down. Then you can start working on swingier styles, a sexy flip, or adding extra lift at the roots. Remember, like most everything, practice makes perfect.

Guest post by Ashley.

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